things happen

something legitimately tragic happened yesterday which is my dad’s cousin kerry died in a sky diving accident. i don’t know what to say about it except i did not know her at all; i’ve maybe met her once or something when i was a baby. but even though i do not actually personally know her, she is so so important to people who are important to me. that part of my family lives in florida. her mom is my grandma’s little sister and they are very very close and so i hear about them all the time. over christmas my grandma even told me that kerry had gotten into base jumping or something. i feel like i know that whole family. and she is my dad’s cousin, who he cares about. and her mom, my grandma’s sister, my great aunt, is totally and completely awesome. she makes these crazy christmas stockings for us every year with little things she find throughout the year, all of them wrapped individually. she has been quite sick for awhile and i can’t even imagine how truly awful this is for her.

i guess what do you say when people die? i haven’t know that many people who have died, which makes me insanely lucky. my great grandma. one grandpa. but kerry, my dad’s cousin, was really young. i hope she wasn’t too scared. but i guess it isn’t for her that i am worried. she liked doing dangerous and extreme things. it’s my dad who i am sad for, my grandma, my great-aunt, her sisters, her niece and nephew.

i hope they are okay. i guess they will be, eventually.

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