here comes jesus

it’s easter. as you probably know. i already ate too many jelly beans and i only ate like 10. they were jolly ranch ones though, and pretty gross.

the weather is completely awful and basically i want to either sleep or watch law and order to celebrate this day. probably sleep. i have watched basically every available episode of svu on netflix and i don’t know if i can really get into criminal intent and are they even making just regular?

i should do something productive or at least go to yoga.

or sleep.

i think we need a little kitty ti cuddle and play with. but my brother has a kitty who poops on the bed. which is sick. can you put your cat down if she poops too much on the bed?


anyway, happy easter. my reading was awesome, marisa’s book is awesome and i feel very sorry for you if you missed the party but at least you can buy the book.

okay. my eyes are like CLOSING. why? it is 2:22 pm.

time for extreme relaxation sunday.