today was a pretty good day except for the working part. i mean, the cubicle in the center of the room part when it was like 75 degrees out and sunny. i don’t even want to check the surf report. there are somethings it is better not to know.

but after work i went and did nice yoga and then came home and was presented with an el metate burrito by the hottest guy in the building. who also lives with me. who is my boyfriend. then he went to play the drums and unlike last night, i enjoyed the alone time. i started working again on my website which i am making on my mac so it might be hella cheesy i don’t know. i really don’t have the slightest idea how to even put it on the internet. (side note: i just typed in to see if it existed and i was directed to my old friendster page. the internet never forgets friends. you are all still alive on friendster.)

ANyway, soon it will be the weekend. i am making life plans today. like, for 2011. i went to a health insurance fair at work and it was pretty demoralizing. my main issue is that there is this totally cool nurse practitioner who works at planned parenthood who i really like and who i want to see every time i need one of those invasive girl exams. and to get a plan where i could see her would cost like 3 times as much as another plan. i guess i could pay out of pocket for her. in some respects, america blows. i would like a health care system where we all got to see the doctors we wanted, so that way the good doctors would be rewarded and the bad ones would be frozen out. i call it the lizzy plan. and it would be paid for by taxes. large taxes on monsanto and chevron. and taxes on me too and all the other employeds.

ANyway. my website is just going to be silly. so many pictures of me. get over yourself self. who do you think you are, anyway?