(this picture is from yesterday but you get the idea.)

important things you should know:
1. benjamin bratt was at my work today, on the radio with his brother promoting their new movie la mission which is set and filmed RIGHT HERE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. the ladies in the office like an attractive man (last time it was woody harrelson, so yeah, i’ve seen that celebrity TWICE) and so i went downstairs with them and we all got our picture taken with THE MOVIE STAR. let me say this about benjamin bratt: he is very gracious to a bunch of desk ladies and totally completely hot in real life. he is also tall. and he is from the mission.

the one sad thing about this whole see-the-famous-guys-on-the-radio phenomenon is that i am too mortified to ever go down on my own and there are often people i would much much rather meet. the sugar doctor from ucsf for example, or tim o’brien. remind me to never instill my children with a sense of propriety. what a terrible burden to bear.

2. on saturday i went out on what could only be called a proper date with pete, obviously, to this brazilian place where they give you all the meat you can eat until you are crying and full but YOU STILL WANT MORE MEAT. it was a little pricey by which i mean possibly the most expensive meal i have ever eaten. (okay maybe my parents didn’t instill me with EXCESSIVE amounts of propriety.) but if you are going to spend that much money, i say spend it on the best tasting forms of sunlight: garlic steak, fillet mignon, lamb, pork loin, prawns.

i now have a reason to get rich. brazilian bbq.

3. i bought a tortilla press and a cast iron skillet and a flipper that doesn’t melt black plastic into all of our food and made hella tortillas yesterday and they are already gone because they are that delicious and also, after the big night out, we are restricted to beans and tortillas in terms of eating.

4. tomorrow i am going to get the preliminary pages of my thesis approved and also i am going to redistribute the type i should have redistributed one year ago. i feel so so so bad about this, i have considered changing my identity. but. i will do it and then forgive myself. tomorrow.

5. important final thing. i am proud of myself because instead of eating chocolate cake at work at like 2:30 pm, i ate an apple and the rest of my day was actually not horrifying. i’m buying more fruit and avoiding sugar at work. i hope this will fix all my problems as well as the majority of the problems in the world.


  1. So. First, that's got to be the best #5 I have ever seen on a list.But the main reason I comment is, to thank you for what looks to be a great recommendation for an SF restaurant that I haven't been to! A friend's coming into town (well, SF anyway) and I'm going to roll all the dice on your bare word. I'm a sucker for bewitchingly-described meat.

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