the endless pain of womanhood

just fyi, i avoided chocolate cake at 2:30 today for THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK. i only worked three days this week! how much chocolate cake can one office consume?!

i had this blog-entry idea while at work but then decided i shouldn’t blog at work. obviously. i never do. but i should have at least written myself a note because then i was overcome with horrible cramps and unable to remember even my own middle name. these are painful days my friends, and our brains can’t handle the pressure.

this afternoon i saw a dude steal money out of the tip jar at starbucks and i didn’t do anything except tell the counter people after he left and then give them a tip which i would generally not do. check out that sentence! two examples of my complete lack of humanity.

pete and i ate sandwiches in a park by my work for lunch and it was sunny and nice. now the sky is gray. whatever.

blah. pain. i’m a wuss and a bad human. no wonder there are earthquakes and volcanoes. we are all being punished. oh well.