unimportant victory

i got my thesis printed today. very anticlimactic. it only took kinko’s three tries. they are like the absolute definition of incompetent.

i also bought some new bulk tea. very unimportant. very nice.

i think i am addicted to the misery that is breaking bad. i can’t believe every show in the world isn’t available for download on itunes. it’s like a win win win for these whiny entertainment industry types and also for me because i don’t mind paying for what i want to watch if it is reasonably priced and that means i just get it and no weird commercials. i mean, it’s about a google plex times better than paying for actually tv channels, right? when there are only actually four shows in total on the whole entire television thing that i care about. they should make the shows available immediately. i guess they will in the future if the infrastructure doesn’t completely collapse and we revert back to campfire storytelling and banjo songs.

and, last thing, i have a reading coming up april 30th. check it out! and then come!