snapping turtles

today was a pretty nice day in which we did some pretty nice things: go to sonoma and see my uncle, go to el metate, you know.

the weather was insanely nice and right now i should be out! enjoying my youth! but going out is so so so expensive and i am not the really youthful youth i used to be so i am basically unable to have more than two drinks without turning into a complete zombie for the next three days.

yesterday i went to get my thesis signed. the thesis that the guys at kinko’s messed-up two times before getting it right. want to know something HILARIOUS? they messed it up THREE times, i just didn’t check thoroughly enough the third time. so it isn’t signed and that is squarely upon my shoulders. squarely.

i just want to turn this beast in and get it over with and get my certification of author-hood. then i can move on to other important activities like my BOOK and my LIFE. i am monogamous with boys and with life issues. i can only deal with one big thing at a time. i wonder if this means i can never have children?

ANYway. i’m really tired and just want to watch another episode of breaking bad and maybe a little justified and then sleep for like a week. no reason for this tiredness just the prolonged, ulcer-inducing stress of real life i guess.

in other world changing news: i think i am going to go back to long hair and just own the pigtails like a prairie woman. be the person you want to be right? isn’t that part of the secret?