relationship status

guess what i am done with? answer: graduate school.

i am actually pretty excited about it, which i wasn’t expecting. i guess i thought it wouldn’t change anything. BUT I WAS WRONG! i do feel like this one thing is done and now i can get on with my life. like i don’t have to stall anymore because now i have this diploma. okay, well, not the diploma quite yet. i probably have to wait til the end of the school year at least for that. probably longer. but still, next thing! yes!

one next thing: tonight i am reading at adobe books in san francisco on 16th close to valencia i think at 7:30 with the small desk press editors! omg! you should come!

also, i really need to cut my finger nails.

also, i changed my facebook relationship status from “in an open relationship” to nothing because i was joking about the open relationship thing and it was like a 4 year joke and i actually know people in open relationships so i guess it isn’t funny. i didn’t want to change it to “in a relationship” though because a) pete would laugh at me and b) people would think i actually closed my alleged open relationship.

facebook is complicated.

okay, this interaction between fingernails and keys has to stop. i’m going to cut my nails.


  1. Dang it. You mean all along, it was…there was no…you weren't in a…Ah, heck. Hopes hung high on such slim reeds deserve to be dashed, I suppose.

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