i’m sitting in bed working on a book i am making for my cousin who is 8. i think she is 8. it will be an amazing book but i am very very tired.

my parents were here this weekend, which was totally awesome. yesterday they took pete and me on a ferry ride to tiburon and we ate cheeseburgers and got a sunburn and then they gave us their muni passes so we could ride the cable car part way home.

i have very nice wonderful parents and now i also have a sunburn on my nose and i miss them.

my life has been a crazy chaos party the last few weeks. “party” is the wrong word. i am really looking forward to getting back into a routine and having like the mildest amount of stability. things keep happening and sometimes i feel like i am an old woman who lived a whole life and it was a sucky sucky life.

that doesn’t make sense. i guess i mean sometimes i feel tired and trapped. i guess everyone probably feels that sometimes.

i am going to oregon in july. i need to do laundry. i always need to do laundry. pete and i are going to big sur in a couple weeks and then he is leaving for the whole summer to do a residency. then we are probably going to live in different spots after that. i need to figure out what i am doing, where i am doing it and why. the sooner the better.

sometime i will have a book coming out. is 11:14 am too early for bedtime? happy memorial day. the end.

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  1. Two things:1) I feel like that too, more than I care to admit. I have to remind myself that I am the only thing making myself feel trapped and to knock it off. Which makes me feel crazy just a litte.2)Oregon, eh? I like that place. Oh, wait, maybe because I live here? I am sure you have a list a mile long of things to do and people to see while you are here, but, if you find yourself needing to add to that list, ME ME ME! 3) End-ish of August. I will be down there. Let's do lunch at the very least?

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