there's a last time for everything

here are some pictures from when my mom and dad were visiting. when was that? i have lost all sense of time:

conclusion to draw from these pictures: i look like my parents except no chin and an alien. why don’t i have a chin? genetics? but my parents have chins! maybe it is some mutation. maybe people don’t need chins anymore.

well i wouldn’t mind one.

pete’s gone. i can’t leave the bedroom when i am at my apartment. too distressing. all i can do while at home is watch trueblood. i feel like i need meals on wheels or something. not because i can’t cook, just because i can’t enter the kitchen. i mean, i can’t barely go down the hall.

did you know i bought a keyboard? weird i know. and i am thinking of getting another tattoo. the keyboard is awesome but i had to take it out of the living room to use it. the living room is a wasteland.

pete isn’t moving back in with me. tragedy. he probably wouldn’t be too happy to read about it on the internet though and don’t worry, we aren’t like ENEMIES or anything, i just can’t go into it due to the fact that i want to respect his desire for privacy. well, he probably wouldn’t even like that much information available.

next topic. i think my next episode of trueblood downloaded. is there any sort of governmental assistance that sad, broken hearted-types can apply for that pays for the food they must eat outside of their houses, the laundry they cannot do on their own and the tv shows they must buy off the internet.

please advise or something. more trueblood! now!