pimp ship

last night i watched the bachelorette with marisa and chrissy and got some cool fashionable marisa clothes and an old yellow banana clip. so this morning i looked up how to wear a banana clip on the internet and did some weird mohawk up-do and put make-up on, after washing my face.

so see? i’m doing shit. i’ve never done my hair before. i’m doing NEW shit. sure i still can’t go past the bathroom and have to be completely internet-plugged in when i am at home. but two meals a day can be eaten at a desk and the third is what friends are for (though i might, for financial reasons, ask for an escort to a grocery store soon).

today: work, yoga, dinner with clare, true blood. dear true blood: was it necessary to kill off my three favorite characters in the last two episodes? renee? really? he was so cute! i hope they explain why he is serial killer at some point. like tomorrow when i get the first disc of season 2.

bonuses of being alone: all the netflix you could want.

plus my house is really clean since i haven’t been using it. i do need to start eating like a human in the world soon though. i nearly passed out from standing up too quickly over and over again in yoga tonight.

friday i am going to critical mass with my second cousin and it is already wednesday tomorrow so i need to go to bed so i can wake up and hopefully hopefully watch the us destroy algeria. for real. send me groceries and a piano book. it’s time to get my skills in order.