no chain

i did NOT go to yoga after work. i was going to buy groceries but instead i came home and started watching season 2 of true blood.

i DID get notification today that i graduated. and the us won. so, good things. miracles.

i should probably change my sheets. i wish i had bought tickets for die antwoord in time to see them in july. we can’t win every battle though. however, usa! so awesome. though i missed the goal because by the 92nd minute i had to get ready for work and i was in the bathroom AND my computer stopped working.

i was thinking today as i got my second meal at starbucks that this is pretty pathetic. PLENTY of people eat alone every fucking day. i have had one week and i still can’t hang. serious. i can’t wait til i go to oregon in two weeks. i need some people to give me some human face time and a good meal. starbucks cannot be good for you. blueberry muffins should not be eaten for breakfast everyday. i guess acknowledging the problem is half the battle, right?

in other news, my awesome cousin is building me a website. some people are the best in the world. specifically, my relatives.

idea: stay away from leonard cohen music.

maybe i should join that leonard cohen cover choir. maybe i should get more involved.

today at work the database went down for like 45 minutes which meant i really reacquainted myself with pc computer games. mindsweeper, i will own you on expert level.

truthfully i took an excedrin migraine. just one. i had a headache. and now i am completely cracked out. so, i will leave the internet in this capacity for the moment. i have research to do. maybe i should volunteer.