i did critical mass tonight with my second cousin who is awesome, have i mentioned her? anyway, i haven’t done critical mass in a couple years and it was fun and crazy but we skipped out early and ate cheeseburgers and talked about boys. it’s funny, i’ve only known heather for a year or so but she definitely feels like family. i think there is something about knowing where people come from that makes you trust them. it takes me a long time to know people but when they are people who are related or known through relatives that time is much shorter.

not that i have trouble opening up to people. give me ten minutes and a complete stranger can know my life story. is this a girl thing? a writer thing? a lizzy thing? my boundaries are blurry, that’s all i am saying.

case in point: this blog.

i am spending all my money on downloading episodes of true blood. this is the result of a mix of impatience and conscience, because i am bad at illegal downloading, lazy maybe, and terrified of some dirty bug infecting my computer.

i even bought the first season of hung on itunes just to distract myself from true blood. did not work. that show is painfully mediocre. what is this trend of “normal” people doing illegal things as inherently interesting? it worked for about one and a half seasons on weeds and then got gimmicky. now the only reason to watch that show is the adorable-ness of andy. it definitely works on breaking bad but only because they are able to take it to this level of realism that is almost difficult to watch. big love: also good to watch because of the novelty of the situation mixed with realism mixed with great characters clashing so honestly and interestingly. really, hung is just stupid, so far. does tom jane do anything besides look “hot” and grunt? because he isn’t even that hot and i’ve heard better grunters. plus the whole thing is he has this massive, unbelievable penis? so? can we see it? no. can we have a little bit more character development, of anyone? beyond just making them more obvious and stereotypical? no.

i bought it though, sight unseen. and i am still working on the wallowing in sadness and loneliness so i will probably watch it and criticize the fuck out of it, by myself, in bed.

maybe i should move to la and write television shows. maybe not.

anyway, i need to figure out the best place to watch the us beat ghana tomorrow. ghana, i love you and this is a tragedy that it is us verses you but sometimes america has to win. america, let’s make this happen.

one last thing: last night a guy called me from the clallam county jail, wrong number. weird. i hope they let him try again.