baby steps

it’s bedtime so just a quick update on depths of despair watch 2010:

1. my friend marisa moved in with me for a week so i am no longer alone which really, really helps.
2. i went grocery shopping. the weather was beautiful. i spent a million dollars and bought things i would usually be encouraged not to buy: expensive cheese, frozen pizza, limeade.
3. consequently, for the first time in a week and a half i ate proper amounts of healthy food.
4. i went to yoga.

i had a little meltdown on the phone today, small to medium? medium to large? but it made me feel a lot better. and now i am exhausted so i am going to bed so i can go to work tomorrow so i can leave work and go to yoga so i can watch the bacholerette so then i can go to bed and get up again and then it will be tuesday and before you know it it will be july and then august and then soon i will be 30 and i won’t even care about any of this anymore.

it suddenly occurred to me how weird it is that i share this all with the universe at large. i do have secrets by the way. you don’t know everything.