well, this morning before work i got a package in the mail from my awesome cousin erica which was a sweet party dress. now i need to go to a party. though i talked to her on the phone and she told me that party dresses don’t necessarily need parties. what they need is wearing. i believe she is right. maybe i will take it with me to oregon and get in fancy situations where the dress must be worn.

i have an amazing awesome cousin. actually, i have a lot of amazing awesome people in my life but this specific one is the genius who coined the term “break-up dress”. she is also the one who encouraged my interpretive dancing to this song at an early age. i would really recommend watching that video. if i had an audience i would put on the dress and three layers of weird mom-clothes and do the dance right now.

speaking of audience-less dancing, marisa and i decided to get back into myspace and i found this long-lost gem on my page:

jade taught me this in 4th grade

answer me dinosaur | MySpace Video

i can see why people might think i am a nut job. oh the internet and the ridiculous self-embarrassing things we can do on it.

ANYway, soon maris is leaving and jade is coming and i am leaving and then coming back. i am a little trepedatious about portland. i’ve done so many stupid things there. but maybe this will be the trip of redemption. i am ready for redemption portland. and also i get to take paid vacation which is actually a first for me so yes to being a grown-up! no to i cried on the phone again today so yeah, maybe i should stay off the phone but i feel like these crying convos are a little productive. for me they are.

so, that is tonight. nothing major to report. i have been eating the same soup for three out of the last four meals. it’s good soup. kale, canelli bean and sausage. do it for yourself.

now, on to the next thing.