little lion

don’t take this the wrong way people of the pacific northwest, but i have never been so happy to get home. new temporary roommate who also happens to be my best friend since fourth grade, new episode of the bachelorette to snark at with people i like, my bed, my pillow, my living room, my bathroom. i think i am an adult and this is my house. weird. also i am teaching myself “don’t stop believing” on my keyboard so i can impress myself when i start feeling bad about myself. i think i am going to buy velvet paintings to decorate my living room since the art was removed by the artist. this is my new theme song, by the way, credit due to my bro of course because he is the one who knows the music.

what can i say? the end speaks to me. i am sure jade has heard it enough times for one day. i mean, one five minute period. oh home, i missed you. i never want to not have my own home again. i am going to need to formulate a plan about this. but first: my own shower!