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i’m eating a burrito left over from last night and it is my lunch break. you know how totally amazing it is that i get to come home for lunch every single day?! so so amazing. apparently my mom and dad watched the bachelorette last night at my grandma’s and were so appalled they are about to stage an intervention on me. i could hear it in their voices. they would be more understanding if i was into methamphetamine. i tried to explain that we watch the show IRONICALLY but my dad still called it “toxic sludge”. i don’t disagree with him. but at the end my mom said, “well, i like frank” and so i know that even my parents, whose main experience of pop culture comes from canadian talk radio, are not impervious to the ludicrous mind-control powers of producers in abc’s reality television department.

anyway. i’m still glad to be home where i can do whatever i want, including listen to the same song on repeat, play my keyboard, whatever, anything.

side note-i would recommend not paying for internet at the ferry terminal in seattle because i am pretty sure someone stole my credit card info through some nefarious means while i was there. in fact, they might have done anything with my stuff. they definitely stole my card info but they also logged in as me on the same internet service. besides cancel my card and the account with that wireless service what should i do? and why is this the second time in one week that my info has been stolen? is this the beginning of a lifetime trial of some asshole in seattle using my name to do whatever he/she wants? hey person, please don’t. i don’t have any money anyway and all your charges get caught and i am also secretly a superhero who will find you and steal YOUR identity. so steal car stereos or something but stay away from my name. geeze louise.

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