where the grown-ups go to get grown-up

there are some definite benefits to having my bff since fourth grade living with me. see above cake. why did we make this cake? was one of our, you know, GIRLFRIENDS, getting married so we were throwing a hilarious tongue-in-cheek bacholerette party? absolutely not. that hasn’t happened in years. i said, “do you want to make this cake?” jade said, “yes.” i said “should we use this decoration stuff that marisa left?” once again jade said, “yes.” she’s so positive! and of course one thing led to the next thing and true art was born in the kitchen. no alcohol was involved, i swear, unless you count the kombucha i got from the convenience store, which as we all know is now the biggest threat to teens since god invented wine coolers. kombucha, not convenience stores. though those are dangerous too. plus we made a mixed-cd to play scrabble to. because jade loves scrabble! i am beginning to regret not forcing her to become my permanent roommate.

also i am planning on getting paid tomorrow and i have a long list of investments i want to make: my own sonicare toothbrush, velvet paintings for the living room, a blazer, one or two extension cords, groceries.

i went to yoga after work but i was feeling irrationally happy even BEFORE that. weird. i don’t think i am experiencing the stages of grief. more like the stages of insanity.