shark attack!

i’m kind of tired because last night i got a ferocious shark inked onto my skin making it sort of difficult for me to sleep.  was it worth it?  is it weird that i got such a tough tattoo?  i think the answer to both questions is yes.  i don’t know what the deal with me and tattoos is.  like i don’t identify myself as a tattoo-type person but i currently have four and one of the those (the heart oregon on my chest) is extremely visible.  in fact, i realized just the other day that last week i went to the eugene country club in a strapless dress with my tattoo in full view of my grandma.  there was a time when it was a major goal in my life to hide tattoos from that grandma and now i guess i don’t even think of it until a week after the fact.  oh well.  my body, my choice.

i think that is what i like about tattoos kind of, besides the pain.  they are something you do to yourself.  they are like reminders.  attractive scars (or in the case of the shark, scary scars).  i do like the pain, in a weird way.  the shark wasn’t so painful though.  it took awhile shading it but jade was there with me most of the time and the tattoo guy is pretty awesome and hilarious and spent the entire time making fun of me.  i like that.  i have a problem.

otherwise…i went to yoga yesterday at lunch and no one else showed up so i got my own private yoga class.  i am sort of in love with yoga.  it’s like church or therapy except with exercise and i don’t have to make any commitments.  i just go when i want.  no pressure.

if i am afraid of commitments then why did i get a new tattoo and why am i sad my boyfriend moved away?  i guess things are more complicated than one or the other option.

oh man.  my leg hurts when i walk and i am tired.  yesterday i tried to intersperse actual work with my law and order habit.  i was mildly successful so today i will try again.  also, don’t cry about the ink situation if you are my mom.  at least it isn’t on my face, right?


  1. Okay, the first thing it occurs to me to say is “thank GOD you showed up for yoga! What if nobody showed up?” I’d feel so bad for the poor yogi. Of course that’s probably nonsense, heorshe’d be fine with the time off. But I bet sometimes those 1-on-1 sessions are cool for the teacher too! The ones that love it.

    Anyway, the ridiculous part of that is, instead of geeking out on yoga, I ought to be congratulating you on your ferocious new tattoo. Great placement as well!

    Nifty redesign, too.

    1. thanks dude! i think the yoga teacher was down. now i just need my tattoo to heal so i can go back again on friday and selfishly hope no one else gets the news.

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