better than nasa.

hey!  this is my new site!  isn’t it completely amazing?!  that is because my grandma and grandpa had TWO daughters and one of them had me and one of them had my genius cousin erica and erica turned out to be a total (as i have said before in this sentence) genius who is also one of my favorite human beings on planet earth and even though she also also one of the busiest people i know on planet earth she made this site for me!  omg!  she is the best!  here you can find out all the things you want to know!  you can read about my life because i am obsessed with writing about it even though it is not that exciting and i have supportive, nice, still-married parents so i don’t have too much childhood trauma to go over.  you can get info on my book which is coming out in a few months, you can find links to other projects i have worked on and you can find out about upcoming readings and stuff like that.

in other news, though let’s be honest, that is the best news of the day, my tattoo is healing into a very ferocious though as yet nameless body shark.  yesterday i hung with jade the whole day and we basically were zombies, watching the computer, eating leftover chinese, feeling sad, finishing the cake we made the other day.  it’s interesting i think how wave-y being sad can be.  sometimes i am like ecstatic and i don’t know why but then i can spend the whole day on the verge of yelling and tears and i do know why.  i mean, i understand the being sad part, it is the being happy part that is confusing.  but i will take what i can get.  there are things that help me get happy: yoga, going to work (weird but distracting), writing, planning.  i decided the other day that instead of painting the huge white patch marks on the walls in the second bedroom i am getting these mario brothers wall decals.  i told the tattoo guy about it and he made fun of me and asked if i was going to decorate the bathroom with maxim magazine covers and get a beer pong table.  like i said, he is funny and i like him and he made fun of everything i said.

anyway, what if i didn’t get a new roommate?  i don’t make enough money to do that but i do like this having guests who pay rent for a little while thing.  i’m afraid of commitment.  anyway, i have time to figure it out and the wall decals are removable but i should have spent that money on a new sonicare toothbrush.  jesus.  i can’t wait til we all live in the woods and i don’t have to worry about wall decals and sonicare toothbrushes, i just have to worry if i can remember how to butcher a squirrel.  which reminds me: winter’s bone.  saw it it portland.  highly recommended.  okay.  jade and i are going to some sort of indie art fair.  good luck to us.  thanks for checking out my new site and let me know your thoughts!  yeah!


  1. Lizzy your new website is fabulously awesome and funny and sad and also ridiculously scary with the shark and the references to Canadian talk radio and all.

    Mostly, it’s hard to imagine not worrying about my grandmother seeing my tattoo. Almost impossible.

  2. thanks mary! i used to think i would never stop worrying about my grandma seeing my tattoo but then someone ratted me out and she wasn’t really so horrified and somehow i never remembered to worry again! anything is possible i guess.

  3. Mostly I’m just concerned with how you’re going to react when you see your grandma’s tattoos.

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