blender life

so many things happened today and also so few things.  i’m basically a philosopher, deal with it.  it is monday, so starting at the end, jade and i went over to chrissy’s house to watch the sad sad tragedy of america played out on the bachelorette.  there are a lot of cliff hangers just hanging in the air: would it be better for me to do intravenous drugs than watch this show?  will i ever be able to stop watching this franchise?  what will happen to people whose only skills are drinking cocktails and commenting on moments they are having as they happen once we hit peak oil?

stay tuned.

before the show was an emergency shopping trip with my stylist/roommate/bfffe/i can’t believe she is leaving me soon for her new apartment/i know that is not parallel construction but this is ART people: jade.  she helped me find some clothes that will help me dress like a successful person in my future.  this is a future BEFORE peak oil, or the downside of peak oil, because when that happens my hiking boots and bb gun will be successful dressing.  maybe my water filter.  maybe a horse.  but for now i have to dress like a person who has job indoors.  because that is me.  so we went to h&m and the mall and had a thoroughly horrific time at 5:30 in downtown san francisco.  there are benefits to the city and downsides.

now though, because jade and i have a very specific and stringent schedule of pop culture consumption, it is time for trueblood.  and i am very tired so i don’t know if i will make it the whole way through.  if you want to send me a present, right now would be a good time to send bottled water.