italian brothers

i woke-up this morning with then genius idea that i would just return the wall decals because i spent too much money on them and also i got a tattoo and then i had this insanely expensive skin medication to buy that my insurance doesn’t cover because it is so new there isn’t a generic but it works so GOD DAMN WELL that i just bought it with a coupon for $100 off.  you know something is crazy expensive when it has a coupon for $100 off.  and then i had an emergency shopping trip so i could look more like an adult which wasn’t really choice-based but more need-based because i need to be a grown-up.

the wall decals are NOT returnable.

anyway, money?  all gone.  by which i mean money i haven’t even made yet is gone.  oh america, you are such a bad influence on me!  and of course when i tried to get some parental sympathy on this issue my mom pointed out that i had just bought wall decals and a shark tattoo.  touche.

it is high time i get it together.  a month of sadness and eating out and not caring about the future far enough ahead to remember i get a credit card bill is enough.  i’m still kind of sad but i can at least make better choice about how i spend my money.

anyway, jade and i are caught up on trueblood so we are on to mad men. awesome.  crazy.  i love it.