saturn return

as you can see, i received the wall decals in the mail.  i am still on the fence about what exactly i should do with them though mario over my head is so far working out pretty well.

i had a dream last night that my apartment was robbed TWICE.  it was partially this apartment and partially the place i used to live with my brother.  well, it was this place except with a sweet back porch and when i went out there i was like “why don’t i ever go out here?” and “why did my brother leave the furniture out here to get ruined by rain?”  it was partially based on a true story.  it was also clearly a stress dream about adulthood because it all started with me driving to a laundromat (driving dangerously of course) and then leaving and forgetting that i had left my laundry somewhere.  and then some guy got all my info from my laundry and robbed me.  i chased the first guy out but then his friend came back the next day when my brother was moving out and started loading my things into a uhaul truck.  he was a big tough guy and i tried to fight him but he just threw me on this fence and started punching at me.  all the neighbors where watching and i was like “please!  call the cops!”  but they never showed up and the guy left and then this dude jared who i did lifeguard training with and was best friends with for about a week two years ago showed up and rescued me.

the dream seems to be related to: getting my identity stolen twice in one week, my ocd issue with the doors being unlocked, jade moving out today and probably mad men though i am not sure how, i just have been watching it and it must have slipped into my subconscious.  maybe the damsel-in-distress thing.  sleeping in the same bed as another person is occasionally uncomfortable, especially if they steal sheets and grind their teeth (that is what i do to other people) but it is also reassuring when they know jujitsu and will fight off apartment robbers if they need to.  also there is always the two-against-one thing.  power in numbers.  wasn’t that one of the dare slogans?  and the fact that the person who used to sleep in my bed was very adept at dialing 911.  it’s weird because i slept alone in my own room probably from 5th grade (mikey and i shared a room long after we didn’t have to anymore because POWER IN NUMBERS and we are both probably a little scared of the dark) up until a year and a half ago and it wasn’t even remotely bad.  what’s weird is how you get used to things.  i think it is like when you get electricity or the internet.  before it you were totally fine.  but once you get it, it sucks going back.

anyway, i returned all the coins in my house this morning at one of those evil coinstar machines (evil because their lobbyists are the only reason we still have to deal with all this useless change) and got $35.95!  okay, most of that was probably not from my ancient space camp fund but from the jar of change marisa left here when she left.  but that money will most definitely get my laundry done and maybe get me into a dance party tonight.

otherwise, things are fine and wonderful except jade is leaving.  i am considering getting an exchange student.  i’m an adult right?  and exchange students like the mario brothers?