i am tired.  today i rode to tiburon and then back to in-n-out and then took the bus home.  i also weirdly got a flat tire at the bus stop so i went to get it fixed (yes i can fix my own flat but i would have to buy a new extra tube anyway and i am lazy and wanted to get home and it was just 10 more dollars to have them fix the flat) and i had defective tube that basically split apart.  weird.  anyway, it was an awesome ride and next time i think i will just suck it up and go back.  maybe not get a burger and fries and a milkshake first though.  i saw a real-life would-be jumper as we went back over the golden gate bridge.  there were a lot of cops talking to him and so i hope he was saved.  they don’t publish info on the suicides on the bridge though, to discourage copy-cats, so i don’t know if i will ever know his fate.

people are crazy.

anyway, here are the wall decals in full effect:

my house is the coolest house in town, basically.

and…it’s 10:45 on saturday night and i am going to go to bed.  i can barely keep my eyes open for real.  maybe later i can discuss a new theory i cam up with about picture taking.  also other theories.  bike riding really encourages theories in my brain.  later though.  now it is bedtime.


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