the low-commitment, non-loneliness machine edition

i need to stop eating so much garlic because today in yoga i smelled like the gilroy garlic festival which i have never even been to.  i like going to yoga because it makes the rest of my day, the hours between 6:15 and 11 pm, mildly more productive.  after yoga tonight i made dinner, worked on a story, talked to my grandma on the phone and now, check it, blogging.  still on the list: shower, dishes, deal with insurance (for some reason i was put in the castro valley region and that is a town far far away from where i live).  i am meeting a new person who will be living with me tomorrow.   today at work i felt a little like a cathy cartoon because it was monday and i felt very ugly and garlicky and then i went to yoga and the cathy cartoon feeling was expelled.  and i have accomplished things today!  even at lunch i accomplished a few things like: make lunch, talk to brother, CLEAN BATHROOM SINK (100 points to me).  so now i am catching up on mad men and trueblood guilt free.  tomorrow i sadly cannot go to yoga but the reason is happy: i am getting a free bike!  a ten-speed.  apparently the tires might be flat but it is otherwise in good condition.  sounds perfect for tooling around the miss (pronounced “mish”, short for “mission”).

i was thinking in yoga that when i blog i don’t give details, like SMELL and SOUND and TASTE and HOW THINGS LOOKED, like i do in stories and i was thinking how this is barely writing.  but then it occurred to me that i myself read differently on the internet (wouldn’t it be easier to say “web”–too bad that sounds so lame nowadays).  on the internet i skim for the FACTS.  in a book i want to get lost in a world.  the internet, no time.  so here i am, giving you the facts.  the bullet points of my day.  for you to be entertained, so you feel like you know me and so i feel like you know me and we have a relationship.  low-commitment non-loneliness machine. the low-commitment, non-loneliness machine.  i’m stealing the idea of slogans from uhh yeah dude.  deal with it.  i’m a stealer.

anyway, enough is enough.  what is happening with sookie?!  later my friends.  i love you.  goodnight.