hands up

this is the new bike i got from the lady i work with.  i am calling it the creamsicle because it is orange and my other bikes, which are white, are ghost rider 1 and ghost rider 2.  ghost rider 2 is missing a cotter pin that was removed by someone who promised they would put it back in and then got bored and forgot the whole thing.  ghost rider 2 needs some attention.  but right now i am on the creamsicle.  the creamsicle needs new tires.  maybe i will invest in new tires and then a new membership to the bike kitchen.  other things i would like to give this new bike: a comfy seat and handlebar tape.  i forgot how bike maintaince can be such a fun project, mainly because ghost rider 1 can only be carassed by professional hands.

another project: painting the white spots on the walls in the second bedroom for my new person who is staying with me for awhile who seems to be awesome.  i probably freaked him out because i am a weirdo but oh well.  i guess with me there aren’t too many personality surprises.  like you meet me and it probably just gets more boring after that.

holy shit i need to buy groceries.  i have been living off of sauteed vegetables and salami and now i am out of both.  but it is too late to go to the grocery store.  white handle bar tape, don’t you think?  what is a good way to clean rust off of metal?

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  1. I have a creamsicle bike too. White bar tape sounds like a good idea, but really just gets dirty the first time you touch it.

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