flight plan

today is a day with a little of the creeping sadness.  it is a slow time at work and i think i got too hungry, even though i went grocery shopping at lunch to get more salami and vegetables.  i think getting too hungry greatly increases the chances of crying which might have been my problem all through the end of june.  anyway, i almost cried in pigeon pose at yoga and then definitely a few tears escaped during savasana.  i came home and made dinner before i made any tearful phone calls and then by the time i had eaten and taken out the compost and washed a few dishes, i was too into my new friends on mad men (just starting season 2) to make any phone calls at all.  that’s a good thing.  who would i call anyway?  i mean besides the people i am always calling who are like, get a freaking life lizzy (my parents) (just kidding, they don’t say that to me).

i did shake hands with clay aiken today on celebrity watch at work.  he was very friendly and asked my name.  no other celebrity has asked that.  he asked everyone’s name and took a picture with us.  he was much cuter than i thought he would be and also very pale with freckles.  if i get the picture i will definitely post it.  i don’t think i know any of his music but any pop guy who films a spot for a pbs pledge drive is a hero no matter if grandmas love him and he is from american idol or if he leonard cohen.

so.  not much else to tell.  too bad sf is so expensive and i am barely saving money and i am in debt.  i would really like to go to costa rica and surf.  maybe next year.

blah.  the end.