flock of pigeons

in no specific order:

1. last night jade and i went out to amnesia and saw a free comedy show.  parts of it were actually hilarious, though that was assisted, i am sure, by the huge glasses of wine we drank in the hour between when we thought the show would start and when it did actually start.  consequently: a mild headache.

2. but i found some kambucha at a place on 24th street and i am drinking it and it is so weirdly delicious.

3. i got a haircut this morning.  i told her to make the bangs shorter.  i don’t mind the bangs hella short because they will grow, they will grow a lot.  so i don’t mind looking like a toddler for the moment.  i do kind of mind the 30 minutes of blow drying and brushing.  pretty sure that those salmon don’t need to die so i can look like a princess for an few hours before yoga.

4. i am STILL suffering the effects of garlic overdose that came to a head last sunday.  maybe monday.  monday in yoga i realized that garlic juice was oozing out of my pours.  i love garlic.  the closer to raw the more i love it.  and i was eating it with everything.  so now i am on a garlic-free diet.  i broke out with like serious, huge garlic zits.  i wish i was british so i could say “spots” which sounds so much nicer.  not just on my face.  i am not going to go into the gross details but GARLIC IS STILL ERUPTING OUT OF MY SKIN.  so i need to stop for awhile.  clearly, this has happened before.

5. now i have to clean up.  move the bike from the living room.  wash the dishes.  find new foods to eat.  it’s all happening.  my joints hurt for some reason.  maybe i should get fish oil.  til tomorrow.  the end.