the line up

my mom found these picture when she was going through old stuff for my scrapbook.  there was a teacher at my high school who took a lot of pictures and was also the best physics teacher in the universe.  i believe he took these on the algebra/physics camping trip.  yes, there was a class at my school called advanced algebra/honors physics that many sophomores took that had a before-school-started camping trip.  that was before all the budget cuts and safety rules.  now they probably have one class for all the kids and call it “math” and it only meets for two weeks because that’s how long the school year is.

anyway, that was one of the greatest camping trips of all time.  a of all, there were boys.  please note the second picture and how i am SO interested in making a sandwich.  surely i was actually interested in steve in a towel.  he is such a tiny baby!  with his braces and his tan!  well, he is still tan.  but i was EXtremely in love with him when i was 15.  and 16, 17 (when he OMG BECAME MY BOYFRIEND), 18, 19, and 20.  i think by the time i was 21 i had moved on.  but i still love him in a special way mainly because he looks so cute making sandwiches.

the other thing i like about both these pictures is how crazy young the boys look, birch and steve both, and how the girls, especially my friends mary and anna in the bottom picture and me especially, look exactly the same as we do now, at least from a distance.  all of us have stopped wearing those hats though, i hope.

in other news i rode to tiburon and back today, for the first time ever, conquering my fear of the hill from sausalito to the bridge.  i was pretty scared.  i thought i might puke up my in-n-out burger but actually it just gave me power.  i think i probably rode 45-50 miles today.  then i iced my knees and now, feeling as though i accomplished a goal, i am watching mad men.  i am going to try to set goals like “clean the house” next because of the great feeling of accomplishment i get when i do them.

anyway, the hill actually isn’t so bad at all.  i now want to do it again and again.

also i am concerned about my haircut.  i like the bangs but the rest is pretty weird.  i need to find someone who will take the time to figure out what is going on with my hair.  i am not a professional so i don’t know how to cut my hair but i do know it is strangely curly and that needs to be addressed!  now i just have awkward layers that make my head look like a wedding cake.  i will pay for a good haircut!  someone, help me!

okay, that’s it.  i’m tired from the miles and miles.  i have some important research to do on advertising in the 60’s.