space face

you know what show i now officially hate?  pushing daisies.  it’s old, i know, and canceled, but in this time of tribulation when instead of a drinking binge i am on a tv binge, i am experiencing all netflix instant view has to offer.  i am doing this for you my friends.  and this show, which i am now actually almost done with the first season of (there was more than 1 season of this?!), is the worst kind of trash.  so trashy that it has inspired me to BUY episodes on mad men on itunes just so i can hear and see something different (is this healthy?  no.  is it healthier than other things?  yes.)  pushing daisies is the worst kind of bad because it thinks it is clever and good.  this saddens me because i really like the actor who plays the main guy who can touch dead people and make them alive.  granted, i generally dislike supernatural stuff on principle.  but i am open-minded about the whole thing.  i love true blood and i liked dead like me well enough and i really liked wonder falls.

this show is just trying too hard to be clever. first there is the narration which only worked in the movie little children and basically no other time i can think of (especially not in stranger than fiction though i know some smart people who disagree with that who are still unfortunately wrong).  there is the bright colors and the pie (i guess 2007 was a big year for pie and cuteness and waitress does it way WAY better).  honestly, i would put this show in the category of painfully failed knockoffs of much smarter better things, alongside the already mentioned stranger than fiction, crash (race, not car crashes) and 500 days of summer.

why am i going into this?  because i need to make something good out of these wasted hours spent watching sentimental drivel spill out of the mouth of a zooey deschanel wannabe.  i don’t even like the real zooey daschenal anymore!  maybe there is something i am forgetting about 2007.  it’s in the archives, i can look back and see if i too was obsessed with colors and smiles.  i doubt it somehow.  anyway, i am looking forward these days.  today especially.  i feel better today, even though i am still doing the sad-lizzy things.  but i am doing those things with purpose.  i vacuumed.  next week i am buying new tires for the creamsicle and maybe some handlebar tape and maybe some groceries beyond salami.  also: i’m going to stockton with 5 of my favorite people, 4 of whom are under 12.

i wish i could wear a muumuu to work.  nothing is perfect.  happy sunday.