the final rose

this is a picture of a boomer also known as a mountain beaver.  i don’t feel like putting my face up tonight or taking a picture of something else and i like pictures.  and this one exists.  so.  mountain beaver.

it’s only monday and i am having a weird lame week.  why hasn’t someone invented a time machine yet or that eternal sunshine of the spotless mind mind erase mechanism?  it’s time.  this is 2010.  though many experts agree that this is an especially bad year for the world, the country, the state, the block and this apartment.  2009 was good.  2008.  but this?  really?  it’s boring and lonely here alone and a pedestrian got killed last night three blocks away by a hit and run.  anyway, today instead of pumping the positivity i am pumping the negativity.  my new thing is a deep hatred of intentions, which might get in the way with yoga practice.  who cares about good intentions or bad intentions?  i don’t care!  no one can SEE intentions!  what we can see is ACTIONS.  everyone has good intentions!  the dictator of north korea, the cop who shot oscar grant, the person who created the chicken soup for the soul franchise.  who cares?  the end result is BAD.  intentions are nice but they are hypothetical.  actions.  results.  consequences.  these are real things.

so anyway, what i am saying is keep your goddamn good intentions to yourself and DO something good.  apologize, specifically.  or feed the homeless.  no one can see your intentions.  for all anyone else knows you are a robot and it is a good intention program that keeps you going.

in other news, i am tired.  goodnight.