magic in me

i got this brilliant idea like yesterday that i could just switch the tires on ghost rider 2 for the creamsicle.  i didn’t go to yoga after work, instead i did bike alchemy.  it didn’t really work because the cassette on ghost rider 2 is too big for creamsicle.  i think.  but i did give creamsicle the front wheel from ghost rider 2 which originally belonged to my american pride bike (which i was trying to find a picture of but which is dead since about september 11, 2007).  anyway, after a brief and neutral visit to the bike kitchen i was actually able to take the creamsicle out for a spin around the block.  the brakes are a little iffy and she is definitely a smidge too big for me but: rideable.  i think i should probably do something with ghost rider 2 like harvest the parts and donate the frame but i really don’t want to.  i keep imagining i will receive a windfall and about fifteenth down the list of things i want to do with that windfall is fix up ghost rider 2.

oh, on a completely different note: i am reading at the next bang out which is hella soon, august 14th, so you should come!  not only should you come for ME but you should come for some of my all-time favorite sf writer people: jim nelson, maria suarez and diana aehegma.  i am serious.  it will be fun.

what else about today?  i am having mixed feelings about pop music on the radio.  mixed in that i love it hard and also its baseline sentimentality is cruelly manipulative and occasionally i have to change the station or risk crying in my cubicle.  which is tragic.  why doesn’t someone write a song about that?  i just can’t wait until i get happy again.  i am allowing myself to be sad but i really want the happy back.  luckily i realize that i am only 27 and it is highly unlikely that the rest of my life will be a melted puddle of tears.

oh and here is a list of things you can get me for my birthday which is less than two months away: a one-time house cleaner, money, the book super sad true love story, someone to take me surfing, groceries, a new mattress, a couple extension cords or a trip to costa rica.  mainly the extension cords.

xoxox goodnight loneliness machine!