one side of the mountain

i wanted you to see how goddamn professional i look in my collared shirt.  i’m not sure you can tell.  good thing this is just visual because the last three days of basically subsisting on the boxes of rice pilaf that marisa left in my cupboard and cheese with blueberry muffins from starbucks for breakfast are not helping me smell perfect and wonderful.  for some reason it has been a rough week.

i wanted to take this opportunity to just steal from myself something i wrote during a mildly epic facebook conversation today that took place just after forum which i was listening to at work.  sometimes forum riles me up and today for some reason michael krasny was giving way too much talking time to the pro prop 8 lawyers and i was getting madder and madder.  a friend of mine had her letter read on air though, so there was some rejoicing.  later, krasny spoke with gary shteyngart and the whole thing was basically gloom and doom and end of words because of the goddamn people with their blogs and the twitter and it’s over and no one knows how to THINK anymore.  in honor of that whole mess of two hours of my morning, here is a small part of my portion of the facebook conversation:

“what gets me is the ridiculous claim that the only way to have a successful marriage is to have your own genetically similar babies and the only LEGALLY LEGITIMATE WAY to raise children is in a heterosexual marriage to the other genetic parent of the children. what country/planet do these people live on? are they going to next try to institute fertility testing before marriage and outlaw divorce and kill old people? these might be more effective steps. aren’t these the same people who are against abortion? why can’t we spend some money to fix the fucking school system so we turn out less people with culturally-inflicted brain damage?”

and that is my constant-streaming opinion on the matter.  my parents are one man and one woman married and rearing their two genetically similar children.  plus i just called my mom and she said nice things and i stopped crying so i guess they are still useful to me and therefore the world.  but they are NOT christians so they would probably be out if the marriage nazis had their way.  i would actually like to see a pie graph and percentage of people in the country who fall into what the pro prop 8-ers see as a legally acceptable marriage, if we take their logic to the ends that it deserves to be taken to.  i don’t have the numbers but i bet it is like 1%. we would need some large-scale dna testing.

anyway, people are insane.  the worst part is they keep doing insane things even when you point out how insane they are being.  oh well.  if someone has a farm in the warm sun that needs some tending, please send me your address.  i’ll be there soon.