this massive fly just flew into my room and then flew out.  it’s kind of crazy that summer is almost over, isn’t it?  what a weird summer.  i guess summer is always intense and emotional for me.  maybe life is?  but in the summer everything seems especially poignant and tragic and amazing.  even in sf where the summer is like the dead of winter.

i think the man who ran the wash and fold downstairs died.  right after pete left and i was basically unable to leave my bed, i kept trying to take my laundry to the wash and fold because i figured if there was ever a time to spare no expense so i could stay in clean underwear, this was the time.  but he was always gone and then about a month ago they put up a sign that said “wash and fold closed until further notice” and he hasn’t been back.  they took the bench that was out front inside and painted it purple.  that bench was a major hangout spot on the street and also a major destination for SERIOUS TALKS.  now that it is inside and purple i can’t help but feel like someone is trying to tell me to man up and get over the goddamn bench.  purple was an odd choice.  it is blocking a couple machines so i guess it is possible that they will move it back outside.

other things have happened this summer: my best friend since fourth grade moved to town.  it couldn’t have come at a better time.  without her i might still be in bed.  i also started hanging out again, i started blogging again, my job got interesting and i started working more.  i went to portland and realized that i don’t live there anymore.  i bought mario wall decals that make my house amazing.  i got a sweet new roommate.  i saw people i like.  my book didn’t come out but it is still coming.  the economy didn’t get any better.  i didn’t cook enough or surf at all.  my cousin made me this sweet new website.

anyway, i am looking forward to fall.  good weather here, readings, my book, my birthday.  i remember thinking at the beginning of summer that it would never end so i pretty glad i survived.  it could have been so so much worse.  at least there was no genocide here.  at least i can eat anytime i want to.

now i am doing laundry and my friend sierra is coming into town for lunch so maybe there is an el metate burrito in my future.  well, let’s be honest, unless the sun explodes right now there is always an el metate burrito in my future.

also: here is the video of my reading at bang out last week.  my legs look humongous and i have tiny head!