sink them to the bottom of the sea

so i started using aim again, for work, to communicate with my new co-workers (actually they are more like supervisors).  the last time i used aim regularly was sometime early in college and the only person who i even know anymore who is on it, besides my coworkers, is my friend mark.  i said hi to him this morning and somehow he mentioned that we should sink someone or other to the bottom of the sea.  then he said i should write a song about it.  mark is one of my all-time top poetry inspirations, and i didn’t really have time to write him a whole song so here is my poem for him:

The Final Solution-a poem for Mark

The bad guys aren’t getting any better.

They keep sending anthrax, always in the mail.

We asked them really nicely if they’d stop it.

But they didn’t even seem to mind the jail.

Don’t you think that we should make them stop it?

Give us peace so we can have some tea?

My brother has a boat that we can borrow.

Let’s sink them to the bottom of the sea.

there you go.  poetry friday.  deal with it.  (ps the picture is jade’s response to the poem.)