it’s the weekend and i am not quite to a point in my life where i am glad it is the weekend.  i just want to work a lot.  it’s so distracting plus money comes out at the end.

my mattress was upside down the whole time.  who knew that was possible?  clearly not me.  my quality of life has dramastically improved.  that isn’t a word but someone said it recently and it keeps running through my head.  sometimes that also happens with french words.  i just like the way it sounds.

my book launch keeps getting moved back.  building tension, creating buzz.  please buy my book when it comes out.  it just might be a few more months still.

i’ve been watching bones on netflix instant view and it is a truly truly terrible show.  it is an amazing mix of ridiculous dialogue, completely nonsensical situations, impossible characters and dramatic music.  the only reason i keep watching it is i can just keep it on as background noise and the two leads are so adorable.  it’s better than actual human interaction sometimes.  not very demanding and yet, totally there for you when you need it.

about two weeks til i turn 28.  my birthday is always kind of a minor tragedy.  but i cleaned my house today.  i can’t wait for monday.