black gold/mold

i skipped after-work yoga to go to the post office and send off this residency application i have had done for ages.  i keep putting off sending it because of the $25 check requirement.  first, that’s a lot of money and i don’t ever have money in my checking account.  second, i can never find my goddamn check book.  but i decided i needed to make it happen today because i am making things happen so i got a money order like a homeless person and sent it in.

i hope they don’t judge me based on my money order.  i hope my check book shows up.

i cleaned the house yesterday and it looks pretty good.  my most major accomplishment was going through the piles of papers that i have been stacking on different flat surfaces in my room like a creepy hoarder for the last three months.  papers: filed.  files: cleaned out.

there are certain things that it is hard for me to recycle: early drafts of stories and book arts projects.  financial aid statements.  things related to very old bank accounts.  i need my mom to just go through everything and then i need to have a bonfire.

i should definitely have a bonfire anyway.

jade came over after i hit up the post office and we attempted to watch the season finale of true blood but it stopped working about halfway through so she went home.  don’t tell me anything.

i kind of want to go to bed at eight tonight.  i know though i won’t be able to.  however, i can lie in my wonderful right-side-up bed and watch netflix.  i should get back into reading.  the other thing i could do is go to yoga at eight.  i don’t know.  i like yoga after work.  tomorrow.  the next day.  the next day.  those will be yoga days.  my cousin read something that said it is better to not exercise if thinking about exercising stresses you out.  i believe everything she reads so i don’t pressure myself.

anyway, i still haven’t sent her package.  i need to find more things for it.  but erica, things are getting done and animal crackers last forever.