sick day

last night i got sick.  first i was tired and then bam bam bam, sore throat, in bed, couldn’t sleep.  i went to work for half the day today because there is a ton of stuff i have to do and i feel OBLIGATION now which is good.  you only feel obligation if you have a little responsibility.  i like having responsibility.  anyway, then i came home and basically got in bed.  it’s just a cold and i am sure it will get better soon and i am surprised i haven’t gotten sick before seeing as i wasn’t sleeping or eating.  i guess you get a few hours of sleep and a meal in your body and suddenly your immune system is like, perfect, time for a vacation.

oh well.  i have no problem going to work tomorrow and spending the weekend in bed.  now that my bed is comfy.  anyway, here are a few more of the little lizzy/little mikey pictures i had scanned.  we were very cute though he might have been the cutest: