cop car

(more in the irrelevant photos from the olden days series–this is jade and me in italy on spring break in seventh grade.  weird how we still look EXACTLY THE SAME.)

i am making a list of things i can do to make my life better.  here are a few:

1. never ever watch bones again.  after the season 3 finale which made no sense in ANY WAY AT ALL EXCEPT IF THE GOAL WAS TO MAKE ME FEEL BAD ABOUT WATCHING BONES, i realized that i was wasting actual moments of my life on these severely obnoxious characters.  it isn’t even a funny experiment anymore.  next thing.

2. in general spend less time in front of computer screens.  okay so i HAVE to stare at a screen for 8 hours from 9-5 on weekdays but i think i need to reinstate the very short lived tech sabbath policy i had a bunch of months ago.  no computer on sundays?  no phone?!  i am not sure i can actually do that but i am going to try.

3. figure out something to do for breakfast that is not starbucks.  i used to make breakfast every morning which is terribly boring to do on your own, especially when you actually would rather stay in bed til the last second since you stayed up til midnight watching horrible, america ruining episodes of bones on your computer and playing solitaire on your ipod.  there must be an alternate solution.  i also need to start grocery shopping on the regular and making meals for myself.  and then eating them.

4. stop getting addicted to things.  today at work i had this flash of what my intervention episode on cough drops would be like.  i am not sick anymore and i don’t even really have a residual cough and yet i keep sucking on cough drops.  they make my mouth feel so nice and tingly!  it’s like fifth grade when they outlawed cough drops because all the girls were eating them all day long.  i have a problem.  i need residential cough drop rehab.

anyway, partial list.  i’m working on it.