mary sunshine

i just woke-up and i wanted to tell someone about this amazing dream i just had.  basically, i was getting married to that cute guy from party down.  he was like a distant relative and it was basically an arranged marriage because we didn’t really know each other.  we’d kind of met.  i don’t know who arranged it either because my parents were very upset, saying i was being totally irresponsible getting married to a stranger, etc.  i however was very excited because he was the cute guy from party down and i was like, you can love anyone if you try!  being with people i like i know doesn’t work!  they have arranged marriages all over the world!

anyway, the wedding was taking place in a mix between my backyard in corvallis and the blacktop at my middle school.  it was beautiful.  i made everything and kept passing out posters and stuff about my book which i thought might be a little self-centered but oh well.  there was a rehearsal dinner where the cute guy (what’s his name?  i could look it up but i just want to write my awesome dream so i don’t forget it) talked about how we would probably move to hawaii.  i was like, yes!  i can surf!  maybe get a job or maybe he can just support me!  (he was the cute guy but he also had some sort of desk job.)

at the actual wedding there was these sweet animations on the wall that incorporated a trader joe’s logo, an american flag and i don’t know what else.  i had made the animations.  i was setting everything up and rushing around and finally boyz 2 men showed up and it was time for the wedding.  i was about to walk out (my dad was angry and wasn’t there but it was okay) when everyone started leaving.  my grandma walked by and i was like, “grandma, what happened?”  she said, “oh that guy in a beard showed up and the other guy freaked out and everyone left.”

so i ran into the backyard/blacktop and boyz 2 men was rollerskating around in a circle singing a mournful but poignant song and suddenly i too was on roller-skates and i could see this boy with a beard and i realized he was some dude who was in love with me and was hollywood-style breaking up the wedding but before i could go find out who he was, i had to finish the musical number.  so i skated around, singing with boyz 2 men, surrounded by pigeons, and just as the song ended and i hit some crazy note, i looked over at the boy with the beard and then i woke-up.

that was a great dream.  i want to have it every night.  now, time for work.