teenage dream

well.  i left the house a couple times this weekend.  sporting events at bars, music festivals in parks, drink, yoga class, aimless wandering.  it was okay.  it wasn’t hot like last weekend and neither was it my last crazy weekend of being 27.  now i am 28 for an entire year, hopefully.  less excitement, more brass tacks.

that’s not true.  this week i have three readings.  i need to decide what i am going to read and most importantly, what i am going to wear.  i wish my skin would clear up.  maybe i need a haircut.

jury duty didn’t happen today.  now it is tomorrow after lunch.  my luck, this time when i seriously don’t want to be on a jury, i will get on a jury.  maybe i should mention my commitment to blogging the truth about everything.  anyway, i am bringing my book to the jury room tomorrow.  i know how these things work.

in an unrelated note: the walls in my apartment are very thin.  by walls i also mean ceiling and floor.  in fact, i have neighbors above and below me and on both sides and the only ones i have NEVER heard having sex are the downstairs neighbors.  not like loud sex.  it’s just the walls are SO THIN.  so i hear the beds moving rhythmically.  the other morning i heard a phone vibrating and i thought it was mine until i realized it was vibrating next door.

weirdly, i don’t mind all that.  it makes me feel closer to my neighbors.