i'm from tacoma

[old picture of the t-shirts my friend zach and i made back when i was freshman at uw.  my skin!  my glasses!  we made these shirts and put them in driers full of clothes.  awesome art project.  THAT was a cool guy.  now he is a famous poet.  it all works out.]

tonight was my awesome reading at radar.  followed by question and answer.  reading is my most favorite thing in the world followed closely by question and answer, which let’s be honest, i’ve never done before.  but OH the ATTENTION.  i have a problem which is one of my cryptonites.  i was thinking i just have one but i don’t.  i was thinking the one thing was boys.  also: attention.  also: the internet.  also: myself.

anyway, i am keyed-up and tired at the same time but i wanted to put out into the universe how amazing it was, even though i was crazy nervous, even though it may have been the first reading i have ever done without even one sip of alcohol (that’s a totally person-with-a-substance-problem thing to say and if i could admit to a substance problem it would be that i, up until tonight, thought i was far too nervous to read without a drink in my blood stream).  but i am getting better at reading and i think i can take the whiskey training wheels off and ride on adrenalin and attention.  i just need to still, always, SLOW WAY DOWN.

okay, tomorrow, reading two of the week with marisa at the good old poetry center.  come!  it will be amazing!


    1. origin: during a post-fireworks-on-the-beach bonfire of the wood we had used in the firework sculptures (which sometimes explodes) (i’m not sure if i am completely right about this, it could have also happened when we were setting off fireworks), these two strangers came up and we (by we i mean my uncle, me and other family/friend type people) were kind of worried that they were upset by our not-on-fourth-of-july-not-legal fireworks. or they were going to arrest us. or i don’t know. but to put us at the ease, the guy who was speaking for the two said, “oh don’t worry–i’m from tacoma and mike’s a total indian.”

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