big lights

well.  big week: over.  it was epic; it was wonderful.  there were ups (anytime any person laughed).  there were downs (i wore a completely inappropriate skirt to work meeting because i wanted to look cool for a reading).  but it happened, i sold some books (pre-sold) and now it is sunday and i am majorly relaxing.

things that happened since my last post, for my mom and other interested parties:

thursday i wore the aforementioned tramp skirt (i’ve been actually calling it a slut skirt but that seems a little strong) to work and then met up with marisa and we went directly to sfsu.  we sat in on the poetry center workshop class and answered questions about our PROCESS and our lives as writers.  there is nothing that makes you feel more like a writer than talking about those two things.  i should write more.

the reading was great.  we each had a half an hour which is by far the longest i have ever been asked to read.  i read some tough stuff, tough but funny?  tough like violent and distressing.  but people laughed and people seemed into it.  i guess nobody usually comes up to you after a reading and says, “damn, that sucked,” but still it is nice when people are positive.

after our reading, marisa had another reading for litquake so we went back across town where she basically rocked the mic.  that is how i am going to start describing good readings: “yeah, i basically rocked the mic.”

friday i took the day off work to do important things like shop, yoga, bills and mentally prepare for van morrison.  because friday night, speaking of rocking the mic, van morrison blew our minds at the masonic center.  jade got some crazy close tickets and i am pretty sure we had a moment, or a long series of moments, when van kept staring deep into our eyes.  i mean, i can’t be sure he was staring because he was wearing shades the whole time, but it was in our direction.  so, that was amazing.  basically all we could say to each other after was: “that was amazing” and “oh my god, that was amazing.”

that guy has the tightest band i have ever seen and the biggest voice i have ever heard.  plus he’s punctual.  yes.  it was amazing.

saturday what did i do?  i don’t think i went to yoga.  no i did yoga in my room and then did laundry and i was supposed to get my haircut at this place where i got a bang trim on friday.  i was going to go crazy drastic, cut it all off.  but the hairstylist called in sick.  so (i am using a lot of “so” in here i know but i am exhausted) that window has passed and now i am back to being happy with my bang trim and long long hair.

anyway, then i had a crisis about what i was going to wear to litcrawl, which marisa and chrissy helped me solve.  then: LITCRAWL!  only the biggest part of the biggest literary event in sf.  only my dream SINCE I HAVE LIVED HERE to read in it.  and: DREAMS COME TRUE. i read at adobe with the rest of the small desk press authors and the winner of the lizzy acker monster poetry contest.  some cool and unexpected people showed up: a girl i used to babysit (she’s a grown-up now which disturbs me more than it disturbs you) and one of my yoga teachers and her bf.  it went really well.  i tried to wear sunglasses so i could rock the mic like van but unfortunately the sunglasses i wanted to wear only fit on babies and are not polarized.  so i took them off.  but still: fun and good!  three for three with readings this week with no alcohol and no choking and people laughing at a story about physical abuse.  INTeresting.

oh god, so seriously tired, let me finish this up: litcrawl litcrawl litcrawl.  my shoes were killing me so i went home and changed, saw a last reading and then went to the SPECIAL AFTERPARTY with a lot of hella crazy cool people.  marisa and i realized we were in the litquake slide show from our readings earlier in the week and so we basically stood on the dance floor, waiting for our pictures to appear so we could scream and then wait 15 more minutes.  also we danced and drank OBSCENELY expensive drinks.  then i got some street meat and went home.

today: reeelax.  i got breakfast with my med student exchange student and took a shower and went to the park for sunbathing and book reading and blue angel watching.  october is a good month here friends, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  now it’s 6:30 and i have most definitely missed yoga but that’s okay because i also just ate and i am tired and tomorrow i will go to afterwork yoga.  a nice normal week next week.  early goodnight.  goodnight.