we’re having a heat wave and i have been trying to catch-up on my sleep.  it’s part of the healthy living plan i occasionally remember.  it involves yoga–which i don’t have a problem remembering, less computer staring–which i do have a problem remembering, cooking at home, eating breakfast, not drinking very much alcohol, drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep.  i cannot ever sleep in in the morning (not that my parents who get up at 5:30 would agree with that but still).  so last night i went to bed at 9:45.  the night before, 10:30.  the night before, 10.  you are SO NOT INTERESTED in this, i imagine but i just think it is weird how sort of ocd i can be about some things.  i like routines and i still, even what 4 months since pete left? don’t feel like i have a good one.  i mean, i have one.  it involves waking up, getting dressed, breakfast at starbucks, early to work (always always early).  work.  yoga.  dinner wherever i can find it.  tv on the computer until i can’t keep my eyes open anymore at midnight.  THIS IS TERRIBLE.  not a way to live.  i am turning into a cylon.  i am using words from tv programs like “cylon”.

anyway, i am trying to figure writing back into my life.  also art.  i want a studio or some place i can make weird, big pictures.  i miss making stuff a lot.  last night the med student exchange student made me some delicious “dego” food.  i am pretty sure this is an offensive term for italian but i think he’s italian so he gets to use it.  like “guido” right?  i need to keep getting these chill guys who make food to stay with me.  it’s a good way to restore your faith in humanity a little.  people who need you for things like bus routes and weather advice.  oh, i miss those days.

anyway, now i have to get out of the warm comfy island and get ready for work!  and on and on and on and on…