consumer protection

today i went to the mac store after work because there is something wrong with the screen of my computer.  i felt a very distressing sense of panic when it became clear that at some point i will be spending DAYS without my computer.  who cares about this?  i apparently do.  i am worried about my reliance on this computer, my phone, the grid.  it’s a problem.  plus i am reading a super sad true love story which is basically having the effect of making me COMPLETELY HATE MYSELF.  maybe i should stop blogging.

yeah, someday.

after i left the mac store i thought about going to a movie alone but that sounded too difficult.  instead i walked to whole foods, bought some supplies and then went to the bus stop.  there was a dude at the bus stop and we started talking, mainly because he had an iphone so he was checking the progress of the bus.  the bus never came.

we ended up trying to share a cab but then: no cabs.  so we took bart together back to the mission.  it wasn’t really the fastest way home for me but it is nice sometimes to make connections with human beings, like chat roulette but IN THE WORLD.  there are bonuses to being single.  i think for me it makes me hella nice to everyone.  it’s like everyone is a possibility instead of everyone is someone who will get the wrong idea if you make eye contact.

i went on an okcupid date last night.  it was pretty boring.  i don’t want to go on dates actually, but i thought i would give it a try.  it’s something people do, why not?  but, boring.  not even a good story just concrete proof that i don’t actually want to do that.  i don’t need a boyfriend.  i would like to have friends that are boys but i don’t think those are to be found on internet dating websites.  maybe at bus stops or work.  maybe i should go back to school.

and, that’s basically it.  i hope it is warm tomorrow.  for once, i am looking forward to the weekend.