don't think twice it's alright

the art project continues.  i went to yoga after work as usual and then had dinner with my new yoga friend who i can tell is going to be cool because she was COMPLETELY down to talk about boys for an hour.

anyway it was a day.  work.  i mainly wanted to show you the progress of the proj, which is my new reason for living.  i like doing stupid things with my hands and getting dirty.  charcoal drawing is therefore for me.  also i like order so it is nice to break things into squares.  though i don’t have the face-blind excuse, i still like it.  anyway, i should maybe take a shower or something.

mainly: do you think bob dylan is really so tough?  i think he might be.  do you think that verse, “i once loved a woman/ a child i am told/ i gave her my heart/she wanted my soul” explains everything that is wrong between people?

anyway, it’s getting cold here so i should probably get into bed.