and on and on and on

my friend erica is staying with me for a couple nights and we just went on an internet odyssey which included finding the website she made when we were seniors in high school.  maybe juniors actually because in another website from the same era my friend robin wrote something about missing her friend lizzy in africa.  anyway, in erica’s, under the “my friends” section, this gem from junior year prom.  yes, we pretty much brought whatever there is to bring to a prom.  anyway.

it has been a busy week or couple of weeks.  amira, another awesome friend, was visiting until yesterday which meant reliving the good old days of san francisco in the form of margaritas at the latin american club and staying out way past bedtime.  i also went to a concert with jade which i have been so busy i never mentioned, but it was mumford & sons, she bought me tickets for my birthday, it was BANANAS it is was so good.  my computer went to the shop, came back.  the giants won the pennant.  it rained.  things have been lively at work, how i like it.  busy busy busy.  the date is set for my book launch party though i am not going to put it up here until i meet with the people at the place on thursday.  people.  place.  specific words.  whatever.  i am tired because i think drinking thirty glasses of tea yesterday made it impossible for me to go sleep or stop thinking about theories of masculinity.

AND this is the most boring blog entry ever written so good night.  when something happens that fit to write about, i’ll let you know.