ticket to the moon

steve came to town this weekend for a show he was playing in last night.  i was a bad friend because i didn’t go to the show but a good friend because on saturday night i wondered the mission with him and drank whiskey.  good friend/bad friend and insanely stupid because yesterday morning, after the whole mission/whiskey thing, i decided that we should get bad chinese food.  steve wasn’t even hungry and i was being straight-up insane and bought like three things plus rice at this ridiculous chinese restaurant by my house called “pungab” (nonsense but true).  well this is a boring story but the upshot is that i am swimming in terrible chinese food and i ate some for breakfast and feel like i am going to die.  it’s only 8am.  i think i should just throw it away.  i know this is an obvious thing to say but i really hate eating food that makes me feel ill.  i should have had a smoothie.  i should buy more smoothie ingredients.  i wish i could puke up the chinese food and have a smoothie instead.  i have this feeling that if i had time machine technology i would mainly be using it to go back in time and not eat something gross.

blah.  time changes are weird.  i don’t have to be at work for a whole hour.  i guess i’ll eat an orange and take some vitamins.