go america!

i’m not sure why veterans’ day was a thursday.  can someone explain this to me?  my brain is not currently functioning at top levels, even though i went to bed at 9:30 last night for real.  i need some extra vitamins.

my mom called me twice last night to check that i was alive which leads me to believe i might be neglecting my responsibilities like making sure my parents know i am alive and cleaning the kitchen.  i started the week out strong, responsibility and healthy-living wise.  yoga every day, wednesday i bought groceries and even some cleaning supplies and CLEANED THE BATHROOM sort of.  i have to be honest, i only bought groceries because pete was coming over for dinner.  but now i have them.  sometimes i need the extra push.

veterans’ day was basically awesome.  i forgot how amazing it is to have a day off from work in the middle of the week.  i remember now why i thought it was reasonable to live off credit cards to make that happen.  oh america.  only here can a broke 27 year old girl lead such a leisure life.  not a 28 year old girl though.  i got some work done in the morning and then went to yoga and then to berkeley and spent some quality time with jessie which included one of my favorite activities: eating a cheeseburger.  later i met up with a friend i haven’t actually hung out with in a million years and it was one of those ridiculously awesome things where you are sort of like, why haven’t i seen you in a year? we have two million things to talk about so we should keep drinking so we can keep talking.

friday at work was a little rough.

after work i went to happy hour with a dude from school.  okay actually they didn’t have happy hour where we went but it was happy anyway.  i had a couple drinks and then came home and went to bed at 9:30, like i said.  i realize that none of this is interesting.  it’s like a list of activities.  sorry.  i go from never drinking to two nights in bars and my brain cells cannot keep up.  today i am going to cotati to the farm.  i think i will bring my camera and take pictures of the baby pigs.  i am also going to meditate on the possibility of non-alcohol related friend activities.  apparently i need to learn how to play chess.  i don’t know how i missed that one.