goldilocks and the three bears

yesterday i saw this kitty on the farm and wanted to own it.  i always see and want the farm kitties but i do not take them because a) that is illegal in my apartment and b) kitties grow into cats.  i’ve seen it happen.

so far, a good sunday.  yoga, good food and my friend robin who i haven’t seen in ages showed up!  she and jade and i hung out in the sun in the park and it made me so glad i live in california in the sun in november.  i’ve been strangely glad lately.  i guess that’s what happens when you get out of the deep sad.  it’s like when you are really sick and then you get better but you don’t really notice because it is gradual and then suddenly you are like, hey, i’m better!  i thought i would surely die of the plague but now i am alive!  choose life!  good, interesting things have been happening or at least, my attitude about things that have been happening has been good.  plus it is nice to get the point of remembering that being intensely sad about something is okay as long as you get past it.  and learn stuff from it.  i always like to think i know everything there is to know about everything but truthfully, my information is limited.

what i’m saying is that maybe getting my heart sort of broken was okay.  i don’t think things happen for a reason necessarily but with perspective and emotional distance i can see that as much as i loved (love) pete’s face off, our whole thing just wasn’t actually working.  and it’s okay.  my life now is nice and pete isn’t not in it.  he is a big part of it and that’s working.

anyway, blah blah blah.  there is still so much to know and figure out and do better.  i just really like yoga mainly, and meeting new people and getting to spend time with old people.  well not actual old people, just people i know and have known. i don’t mind old people either.  my book launch is scheduled for december 11th at amnesia in sf.  will you be there?  YOU BETTER BE THERE!!!

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